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Hakan Eskici,


We have passed 1,5 million pageviews (by Hakan) 18.12.01

Thank you guys! The number of total pageviews of 2eNetWorX/dev is now more than 1,5 million. Moreover, this happened in a short period like one year. Actually as of today, we have been up for exactly 400 days.

The number of registered members is growing fast, currently more than 31,300 developers are registered with us. Thanks again ;)



2eNetWorX/dev Site

2eNetWorX/dev site itself is a project as well. Because we believe in continous progress, this site will be developed in an OpenSource manner. Now you can download the full site and run it on your server. Project documentation and code library development is in continious progress.


Define surveys to collect information from the visitors of your web site. Just install and it works! Very easy to use, almost nothing to customize!


OpenForum is an initial framework for page-level integrated forums. It's not intended to be a fully-featured forum application but rather a simple and efficient forum base.


StatCountex is a statistics reporting application written in pure ASP.

It collects data from the visitors of your site and stores it into an Access database.


TableEditoR is a famous remote database administration tool written in pure ASP. You may browse your tables and queries, add, edit and delete records, execute sql statements and more.

Why pay for other database administration packages when you can use TableEditoR for free. Although it's still a Beta version, it's very functional for most of your needs.

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