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"If your goal is to understand your network from a 40,000-foot view, then Windows port scanning tools will suffice. But if you're serious about your security and looking for the holes that crackers will find, then take the time to install a Linux box and use nmap." -- Info World.

nmap is a the most customizable network scanner ever. It has various options to perform stealth scans, ping scans, UDP scans, as well as a handful of other scan types.

nmap also has the ability to remotely fingerprint an IP address. In other words, by sending various queries to a remote IP address and reading the responses, nmap can determine which operating system the remote IP address is running or whether it is a router, a network printer, etc. In all, nmap's database contains over 500 unique fingerprints.

All of the functionality found in the Unix version of nmap can now be taken advantage of on Windows NT platforms.

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